Orgyen Khamdroling
Buddhist Meditation Center


The purpose of the Medicine Buddha Monlam is to gather as many spiritual practitioners together as possible for 3 days, and to use our combined motivation and act of reciting and praying Ju Mipham’s “Condensed Sadhana of the Medicine Buddha: An Excellent Vase of Nectar” as a way to bring healing energy to ourselves and to beings suffering everywhere. By focusing ourselves completely on this practice, not only do we increase our love, compassion and ability to benefit others, but we also touch others directly through the power of this sadhana–which has healed countless beings since it was composed.

The idea behind a Monlam is, of course, that we are more capable of benefiting beings by gathering together, and that we can make a greater difference by praying together than we can on our own. In beginning the Monlam in America, Anyen Rinpoche continues a tradition begun long ago by his Lama, Tsara Dharmakirti Rinpoche, who realized this practice and used it to heal not only himself from cancer, but countlesss others from mental and physical illnesses. We are happy to finally be able to have the opportunity to share this practice and tradition with all who attend! Anyone with a sincere wish to heal or be healed may attend this prayer gathering.

To attend the Monlam, the only essential quality needed by a practitioner is a compassionate aspiration for yourself and others. Some people who may be interested in attending are: Dharma practitioners, doctors, nurses, healing practitioners, people suffering from an illness, people whose family or friends are suffering from an illness, or anyone else who just wants to do something to reach out to others who are suffering.

Our sangha also meets on a monthly basis to practice Medicine Buddha for the benefit of all beings. You can request healing prayers at any time for loved ones here, please indicate if living or deceased. Both the Monlam and our regular Medicine Buddha practice are hosted by Orgyen Khamdroling Center.