Orgyen Khamdroling

Orgyen Khamdroling Center

We have been so fortunate to have found a beautiful building in Denver. This is an urban home for the Dharma, excellently located for people nearby and also for people traveling to the center. We purchased this building in Denver, Colorado in July 2011, thanks to the generosity of our Teacher and his devoted Sangha.

Having a physical center for Rinpoche’s activity is gathering blessings and benefit for all. Orgyen Khamdroling Dharma Center nurtures students by hosting regular classes and group practice, as well as longer retreats. The Center will ultimately be a comfortable place for students to stay during longer retreats. With committed teaching, study and practice, waves of benefit will emanate from this Center and help to bring all beings to enlightenment.

Over the past several years, we have invested time, hard work, and your generous contributions into various projects to beautify and improve the building. The lower level was renovated including installation of a library and a private interview room for Rinpoche. The shrine room has undergone a transformation as well, with refinished wood floors, an amazing hand painted pressed tin ceiling, custom commissioned thangkas, chandeliers , and custom commissioned stained glass syllables installed in the windows. All of these projects were made possible through the offering of both financial support and volunteer hours - our Sangha has invested over 5000 hours of volunteer effort in just the shrine room renovation.

Our journey together continues. In the fall of 2014, three golden statues-Shakyamuni, Padmasambhava, and Longchenpa-finally arrived! These beautiful and inspiring objects of devotion were crafted in Nepal by an artist from a family who has lineage ties to the Buddha Shakyamuni himself. Still, more work remains, as we make plans to bring highly respected lamas from Tibet to consecrate these holy objects and adorn them with real gold. This is a chance to strengthen the Buddha Dharma in the West. The blessings contained in the statues will be a tremendous support for practice. All those entering our shrine room, now and in the future, will receive blessings and benefit by merely seeing them.

As students of Anyen Rinpoche, we have the great honor of sponsoring the Longchenpa statue and consecration, as requested by Rinpoche. To this end we have begun a year-long campaign for raise the necessary funds. You can support this project by adding your pledge to our pledge drive! Set a goal you can reach, and over the next year, fulfill your pledge. You can read more about our pledge drive here.

3300 Josephine Street, Denver, CO 80205