Orgyen Khamdroling
Buddhist Meditation Center

We are overjoyed to announce that OKL Denver will be reopening on Thursday, March 25th, 2021 for our regular Thursday and Sunday weekly practices (except tsok).

To ensure we keep our numbers safe, please sign up ahead of time on this sheet, and refresh your memory on our safety precautions below.

Sign up here for Thursday night practice.

Sign up here for Sunday morning practice.

Safety Precautions

Here are some general policies we are going to be following to make sure that we keep the Center clean and safe:

To create a “touchless” environment in the center, doors will be propped open. Specific people will be assigned to turn on lights and open/close doors.

To bring: A mask, your own bottled water, personal disinfecting wipes and gel to use liberally. We are not planning to have meals (or tsok) together at the center at this time.*

At this time, we will only be using the shrine room and the bathrooms downstairs. To keep things safe & clean for residents, please do not use the kitchen or downstairs areas.

The North entry, stairwell, and foyer are for Allison’s use only.

Restrooms: Only 1-2 people at a time may go downstairs to the restrooms.

Don’t forget that you may not touch doorknobs and light switches!

Shopping in the store: Please do not touch or handle items in the Phowa Foundation Store or in the mala display across from the Store. If you would like to purchase something, please text Ani.

After you leave, the Center will be thoroughly disinfected including practice tables, restrooms, banisters in stairwells, etc. Task assignments will be posted on the registration page.

Please keep an eye on our calendar for current information about specific practices.