Join us for our annual Medicine Buddha Monlam June 9-12! The purpose of this retreat is to gather as many spiritual practitioners together as possible for 3 days, and to use our combined motivation and act of reciting and praying Ju Mipham’s “Condensed Sadhana of the Medicine Buddha: An Excellent Vase of Nectar” as a way to bring healing energy to ourselves and to beings suffering everywhere. By focusing ourselves completely on this practice, not only do we increase our love, compassion and ability to benefit others, but we also touch others directly through the power of this sadhana–which has healed countless beings since it was composed.

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Schedule: * Friday 6/9: 7-9pm - Empowerment.– If you have not received the empowerment previously, you must do so to attend the Monlam. The empowerment is optional (though still encouraged!) for those who have received it before. * Saturday 6/10, Sunday 6/11, and Monday 6/12: 8:30am-6pm